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English to Vietnamese translation service

English is considered as an international language, so the demand for English to Vietnamese translation service is necessary, ExperTrans has the resources to provide unparalleled global market expertise with comprehensive and practical local experience – English to Vietnamese translation service
English to Vietnamese translation service

The popularity of English
Today, about 1.5 billion people speak English around the world and this number is increasing. English is the language widely used but does not replace other languages, instead it supports the language with the following elements:

  • More than 250 million Chinese people learning English.
  • In 80 countries, English is a second language or are popular in school.
  • In Hong Kong, 9 out of 10 high school students are learning English.
  • In France, to start in high school students must have at least 4 years of English or German; almost 85% of students are choosing to study English.
  • In Japan, the high school students are required to have six years of English before graduation ...
With 10 years of experience in the field of translation and interpretation, we own his own team of translators and collaborators around the world to be divided in many different disciplines. Upon receiving the request from the customer, we will choose the translation experience translating documents majors you require:

  • Technical documentation translation
  • Financial Services business documents translation
  • Health document translation
  • IT/Software translation
  • Book translation
  • Translate film
  • Translation notarization all types of records, documents…

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