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Japanese translation company

In the coming years, the number of Japanese investment projects in Vietnam promising further breakthroughs thanks to the improvements in terms of investment procedures, business environment of openness. Along with this trend, the field of translation and interpretation Japanese will play a very important role as a bridge between the two countries. Expertrans proud to be Japanese translation company top quality in Vietnam.
Japanese translation company

To ensure the quality of each translation, from the receipt of customer documents until delivered translations are performed and controlled in accordance with standard procedures and be supervised by expert project management of Expertrans. This process not only ensures the quality of the translation, the security but also enhance job performance, time control assignments on time, as required to each customer.

In addition to the major pairs as Japanese translation - Vietnamese - Japanese, Japanese - English - Vietnamese, Expertrans can provide document translation services to Korean Japanese, Chinese, German, Thailand ... With a team of Japanese collaborators around the world, we will support all your needs quickly and efficiently accurate.

Expertrans translate Japanese documents for more than 30 majors as medical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, computer, construction, cosmetics, finance and banking, website translation and localization of software content, literature market, marketing ... .We have experienced translators to translate for each specialty to ensure service quality and the best speed.

The Japanese documents we usually handle may include financial reports, bids, market research reports, documents, industrial machines etc ..., with this type of material, customer requirements are rigorous about security, do not allow leaks. Process management is a tool Expertrans ensure translation activities taking place within the regulations, only project managers and translators assigned are allowed access to details of the customer.

To receive your documents quote, please contact us immediately via hotline or email Expertrans We are always ready to advise and support customers 24/7!

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