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English to Thai translation service

Understand the needs English to Thai translation is now very necessary, Expertrans provide English to Thai translation service prestige and quality.
English to Thai translation service
The official language of Thailand is Thai, and Thai is a member of the Thai language group of Tai-Kadai language family. Many people believe that Thai coordinated tones, complex spelling rules to make contact and distinction in tone system makes it more difficult to learn. This is very important for a translator to translate documents into Thai.

Also, Laotian, and Thai have close ties, the Thai and Lao people can understand each other when speaking, but two languages ​​have different writing completely.

Besides, English is a common language in Bangkok and some European languages ​​are used in most hotels, restaurants, shops and major tourist attractions, street name tables, signs traffic will be written in bilingual Thai - English. Translator while grasp Thai, Lao and English, Thai translation becomes extremely easy.

With a team of translators were recruited and trained, Expertrans gives all customers translation services for customers in Thailand in need of translation of documents, papers, documents from Thai to English or English to Thai translation service. Our staff are people with many years of experience and use learning fluent Thai, and have a sense of responsibility to work giap. Along with translation services in Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Japan, ... has been further confirmed the quality of service at Expertrans
Please contact ExpertransEnglish to Thai translation service today for the best support for your project.

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