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Vietnamese translation company

You need a company that provides reliable Vietnamese translation company. Come to Expertrans company – a leading translation company in Vietnam.
With us, the customer will be dedicated service to service as well as peace of mind about the quality of translation companies. With experts have long experience, cultural understanding, ensuring fully meet your requirements. Furthermore you do not have to fret about a matter of time, expenses incurred, which are all transparent, specific.
 Vietnamese translation company

Vietnamese, the language of the Vietnamese and is the official language in Vietnam. This is the mother tongue of about 85% of the population of Vietnam.
Vietnamese there is a change in voice from north to south, not abruptly but gradually progressive adjacent regions. In it, the voice of Hanoi, Hue and voice tone Central Saigon South is three main classifications. These dialects differ in tone and word local. Bar and rod down better asked in northern and southern China. North used some consonants (p, ch, n, l ...) other than South and Central. Hue accent even more confusing because there are many other voices from the locality. According to the website of the Embassy of Vietnam in China and scholars Laurence Thompson, the current reading standards are based on the voice of Hanoi. Dictionary Vietnamese-Bo-La (1651) by Alexandre de Rhodes took hours north as the foundation, Dictionarium Anamitico Latinum (1772 to 1773) of Pierre de Béhaine Pigneaux take hours south as the foundation...for other languages, Vietnamese is considered a difficult language, so should the local Vietnamese translation company as Expertrans quality to provide translation services

We supply the Vietnamese translation services follows:

  • Translation services banking and finance
  • Translation services life sciences
  • Translation IT/Software
  • Translation services entertainment media
  • Translation services of technical documents
  • Translation services advertising – marketing
  • Translation services for non-profit organizations and associations
  • Translation services profile

By enthusiasm and his reputation. ExperTrans gave customers the highest satisfaction about the quality of translation. “Customer satisfaction is our success”. That is the guideline for all activities of the company ExperTrans and also the first choice for quality for each product of all customers have put their trust in us.

Contact Expertrans - Vietnamese translation company today, to get the best support.

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